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About us

For more than 35 years, infonorm’s patented, innovative design and swiss precision engineered sign systems, have made it one of Europe’s most successful. After setting benchmark signage standards in select international markets for the last three decades, infonorm continues to develop an increasingly wide client base worldwide.

Today, infonorm has created an enviable business environment with a winning combination: pride of craftsmanship and customer service coupled with high-tech expertise.

infonorm are able to offer high precision engineered components and prototypes utilising the very latest CNC equipment and combined with a very experienced  workforce.  If our clients require specialized features to be incorporated with-in our existing product ranges, we have the expertise to develop custom manufactured production of our precision engineered signage system.


Additional services offered include:
Exceptionally fine engineered components. The production of prototypes and tooling.  Custom milling, drilling, routing and fabrication.